D3B2991F-5DFF-465E-959A-5281F6464E95This blog is something that I have needed, for a long time. Writing was such a big part of my life, when I was younger. Then, it became “all about my children!” I don’t remember how it must have happened. I went through the transition of Motherhood, completely forgetting about my own identity. Not only did I become a parent, my personality was altered as well. I (quite quickly) shifted into a different person. I used to breathe pen and paper. Writing was my first priority every morning! My hands ached from the pain, and I loved it! I also had a dream journal, that I kept under my pillow. Many years have gone by, while I’ve suppressed that part of me.. (a forceful writer’s block) I’m proud to say that I’m a good Mother. I have four beautiful boys, that I would “obviously” do anything for. However, the time has come to take my life back! Speaking of life, it has sometimes (very often) been unfair. I’m not one to complain, so I’ll post on this blog instead! Now that I’ve regained my purpose, I intend on writing as much as possible. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written, as I did take the time. This can vary from vegetable gardening, to the mind of a serial killer. All your comments will be greatly valued. I’m ready, I’m doing this before I come apart at the seams!

©D.J. Woelders, 2019.

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