I love him profoundly..

When it comes to love, I feel truly blessed! In 2010, I married the man of my dreams. He is (without a doubt) the most wonderful person I’ve ever known. What we have together, remains in it’s purest form. I remember dreaming about my wedding day as a child. (Even though, the first man I ever loved was my Father!) I envisioned a tall man with blonde hair and a sword. Oops, wrong memory.. Of course, that was He-Man. He was my first fictional love. Then, I fell in love when I was a teenager. I desperately wanted to marry Sebastian Bach, from Skid Row. Until I set my eyes on Kurt Cobain that is! Do you see a pattern here? Yes, my husband has blonde hair and blue eyes! He doesn’t carry a sword, but he’s a soldier. I’m a proud army wife!

We have both had to endure a failed relationship in the past. Our lives were blown apart, while feeling that awful numbness. We were completely broken, as we carried that hurt so deeply. Then, we found comfort in one another. Two people that became friends, were soon lovers. Our deep connection filled that empty void. Our old lives are always remembered, as they did happen. Though, we prefer to keep those times buried! We broke down our emotional walls and found trust. What we have today, is much more precious! Commitment, partnership and respect go a long way! My days are filled with happiness, while the nights are warm and safe. I have always felt such passion, Alan complements that perfectly. He is a very comical man. He always puts a smile on my face.

He’s also a great Step-Father to my three sons. He taught them how to swim, skate, fish and so on.. They really look up to him, he couldn’t be a better Father figure! After we were married, my youngest son asked for a baby brother. His two older brothers shared a room, he was feeling left out. Everything seemed to be in the cards, as I announced the pregnancy of our son a month later! Silas looks just like his Father, he inherited his personality as well! The three older boys were so excited to have another sibling (even though they said, “What, another boy!?!) They were completely involved, in helping with feedings, diaper changing and bath time. The four boys share a very close bond. Alan treats them all the same. In his eyes they are all his children. He’s very focused on a success plan for their future. As they get older, they continue to surprise us. I am very proud of my children. I have my husband to thank, as he has much to do with it!

We spend all of our time together, when we’re not having quality time with the kids. (I’ve enjoyed playing Guitar Hero with them, while Alan is a master Lego builder.) We enjoy watching Netflix together. Westerns always seem to be a favourite with us. Saturday is our “date night” – We try to find time to go out for dinner. However, we usually end up shopping or sitting by the water with tea and a muffin. Cuddling by the campfire, or going for a walk is nice as well. The most fun, is adding another checkmark to our Bucket List! We’ve completed some eventful things. (This is for us to take to our graves.) After all, married couples should always have secrets!!!

During our wedding ceremony, we swore to love each other, during sickness and health. He couldn’t have been more supportive, when I needed him most.. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, he was with me every second! He did not let me face anything alone. He sat in an uncomfortable chair for hours, while I received chemotherapy. (My eldest boys took turns as well!) I’ll never forget just how amazing he was! I was pampered to no end. (In the midst of it all.. He was still going through his own cancer care!) My husband truly is my hero!


This year will be our ninth wedding anniversary.. We had planned on going to get a matching tattoo for our eighth.. However, 2018 was a busy year for us. I still need to make an appointment, it will be something very meaningful for the both of us! I had bought him a beautiful piece of art. It’s a farmhouse that is made of bronze. (This was to signify our new home in the country) I’m certain he doesn’t fully understand my romanticism. I show love in different ways, I’m passionate about EVERYTHING! He does feel loved and that’s the important part. I tried on my wedding dress a couple of weeks ago. I looked better, than when I wore it years ago. I’ve since put on a little weight, it hugged my curves perfectly. I wonder if it will still fit, in another year? We’ll be renewing our vows in 2020, as it will be ten years. I cannot wait for that day to arrive. I never imagined marrying the man of my dreams twice!

©D.J. Woelders, 2019.

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